New Opportunities, Advanced Manufacturing, Secure Employment

 “We’re building on the best part of this area which is agriculture and growing good food. Suddenly you’ve got higher skilled people coming out here to work or maybe getting skilled and staying in the area. That’s rural development at its core.”

Kalfresh Co-Founder Robert Hinrichsen

Jobs & Growth

We’re committed to promoting sustainable growth in food production which will attract new skills and social diversification to the Scenic Rim.

Fully developed, the Precinct will generate:

Direct Local Construction Jobs

Support up to 641 direct local construction jobs and 354 indirect jobs over the course of the 10-year construction phase

Direct Operational Jobs

Support 475 direct operational jobs and 572 indirect (fully developed)

Million $ in Construction GVA

Add $89.5m in construction GVA (+5.3%) annually over the 10-year construction phase and $140.5m operational GVA contribution to the Scenic Rim economy (+8.3%) (fully developed)

Agriculture is seasonal and so are its jobs, however the Precinct’s operations will be year-round and will deliver the tangible socio-economic benefits of ongoing employment in the local community.

Kalfresh is inviting Australia’s leading agriculture, food and beverage manufacturers, and value-adding businesses to join them in the Precinct.

We’re excited by the possibilities for attracting a suite of new greenfield, high-tech industries that will innovate, collaborate and diversify the food and fibre products produced in the Scenic Rim, and the jobs that creates.

World-class opportunities for specialist roles in agriculture, manufacturing, robotics, automation, and mechatronics to the region will attract skilled professionals to the Scenic Rim and create rewarding career paths and job opportunities at home for the region’s young people.

Kalfresh will adopt a local workforce strategy for the construction and operational phases of the Precinct. This website will soon include a local jobs board to advertise any employment opportunities, which will also be advertised via local digital channels.