Project Drivers

The SRAIP project is multi-faceted and will deliver tangible benefits and will have a significant positive impact across agriculture, environment, social and economic spheres. Our project will:

  • Enable agricultural diversification, innovation, differentiation, and value-adding
  • De-risk investment in agricultural manufacturing, automation and advanced technology
  • Enable growth and respond to customer demand for more production capacity and new high-value, Australian agri-products
  • Reduce waste by driving supply chain innovation to find a market for ‘wastes’ and by-products and realise value-add opportunities
  • Maintain & build agricultural competitiveness – domestic and export – by delivering efficient supply chain and logistics
  • Secure & grow new markets for the region’s farming community
  • Enhance supply chain logistics for agricultural and food production
  • New, safer Cunningham Highway intersection for Kalfresh and precinct traffic
  • Co-location hub for R&D that connects the entire supply chain – farmer, packer, processor and retailer
  • Return skilled agricultural and manufacturing jobs to the region
  • Job creation, opportunities for the region’s young people to work with new technologies, automation and smart manufacturing
  • Establish a new, unique closed-loop renewable energy system that diverts food and agricultural waste and value-adds it to generate green gas, green power and bio-fertiliser
  • Decarbonise food manufacturing