Diversification brings Prosperity

“What brings prosperity in agriculture is having diversity of markets … the Precinct will create opportunities for growers to share in those different income streams.”

Kalfresh Co-Founder Robert Hinrichsen

The Scenic Rim has been a powerhouse of agriculture for generations thanks to the fertile alluvial soils, secure water and incredible weather.

Bringing manufacturing back to the region and introducing bioenergy production will secure growers new markets for their products and deliver new diversified income streams.

The Scenic Rim will transition from a place that grows and sells the raw ingredients to an urban manufacturer, to a region that grows and processes the ingredients locally to create a range of high-value products.

Locating processing and production close to the farms delivers valuable benefits.

  • More competitive agricultural manufacturing in domestic and international markets
  • Faster paddock to packet
  • Improved product shelf life
  • Less food waste – use more of the crop
  • Increased demand for raw ingredients
  • New diversified revenue to growers

The Precinct will also provide a home for research and development and ag-tech services that will connect growers to the world’s best practice, skills and equipment.

Our vision has been imagined by farmers to create a sustainable, viable and bright future for Queensland agriculture.

Project Benefits


Strong Community


Skilled Jobs


Value-add & scale-up of agriculture


Agri-innovation & new tech investment


Manufacturing efficiencies & productivity gains


Better food security


Environmental Sustainability


Regional resilience